There is always something to tell

We are always looking for inspiring things. On tour we meet interesting people, experience special things or find strange objects that might look forward to a role as a new actor.
In this blog reports of our experiences.

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Recording the voice over with Redmond O Hanlon

We were looking for a characteristic voice, an English native speaker, to record the voice-over of the intro scene of Memories Of The Future. Through a mutual friend, we came across Redmond O Hanlon, who, after traveling through the most savage areas in the world, now turned out to live in Drenthe, The Netherlands. We travelled to his beautiful farm and were warmly received in his house full of souvenirs of his travels, thousands of books and many objects. We immediately felt at home and made a great recording that can be heard (and seen) here!

Hopefully he can also be at the premiere at the beginning of January!

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