Festival d’ été Quebec, Canada about
Royal Suitcase Theatre

For warned spectators only!


Your attention, please ! Attention ! Travelers arriving from The Netherlands, in possession of a suspicious suitcase identified under the name of Tam Tam Objektentheater are required to report to the local authorities for disruption of public order.
The dangerous suspects pretend to represent the « Royal Entertainment Service » and to be employed by Quebec City’s International Summer Festival, in order to present their show Royal Suitcase Theatre at the Place McDonald’s. Answering to the names of Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande, those troublemakers illegally use their suitcase as a theater. Moreover, they are guilty of the hijacking of irretrievable objects, sharing starbilling with them in truly flabbergasting sketches.

Warning : any resemblance of some objects with any real persons or situations is NOT a coincidence. Would you have any complaint relating to cases of gratuitous violence, sexual suggestivity or social criticism, please address to The Society for the Protection of Toys. The royal construction of this theater is only an alibi, which allows the two profaners and their unscrupulous puppets to buy over critics with the so-called « avant-garde » reputation of their visual theatre. Afraid to be given away to the police, the suspects deceitfully conceal their real intentions by using innocent puppets and general public scenarios. With a background of diabolical music, their helpless characters are dragged into the most exhilarating torture and horror scenes.

Please be advised that The International Summer Festival will accept no liability whatsoever for any eventual side effects some spectators might experiment during or after the show.(Translation by Saskia)

Festival d’ été Quebec, Canada

Sophie Jolicoeur