The Tube

The Tube

Theatre for one in a tube

This is a real theatre Tube.
A one-person miniature stage that offers a truly intense and personal 1 on 1 experience in very condensed form.
It took a pandemic to invent The Tube. But although this performance was developed in response to the Corona rules, it turns out to be much more than that. It is a theatrical installation that offers viewers a unique experience that is perhaps more intense than a long performance in a theater.

TAMTAM is known for invention of alternative ways to show visual theatre. And this time again they found an unusual shape. The core of the idea is a 2.60m long tube with a 25cm diameter that lay unused in the rubbish container of the neighbors of TAMTAM (a sanitary installation company). They literally turned it into a theatre tube. See the elaborate video The Making Of The Tube

On one side is a miniature theater with light and sound in which wordless visual scenes can be performed. Surprising visual mini-performances of 2 minutes with accompanying soundtrack. On the other side is the viewer who experiences this through the tube.

The tube works like binoculars and focuses the image and sound, which enhances the viewing experience. The spectator is completely focused and immersed in the images and sounds and tends to forget the rest of the world for a while.

The performances are short poetic scenes with often a surprising twist and a touch of humour. All specially made for The Tube. Their titles appeal to the imagination: Roadtrip, Tango, The nest, Seaview, O Solo Mio, Flight or Twins.

It is not only a show for the ones who look through the tube. The whole set is an art installation about the importance of live contact. The queuing on the red carpet, watching the spectators laugh and get up again cheerful or impressed, the ritual of cleaning hands and the cleaning the viewing opening are all part of the theatrical experience.

See also The making of The Tube

target audience:

The scenes are aimed primarily at adults but, of course, children may watch as wel

practical information

The Tube has been performed in many different places: In a church, in a tent at a university introduction day, at a street theater festival, in an empty store that we converted into a theatre, in the foyer of a theater, at a private party, and even in the HEMA department store!

We perform for about 4 hours in a row. Even when we are not yet playing, it is a striking and exciting visual element that captures the imagination of the audience. An unusual “conversation piece”!

Although The Tube is for 1 person at a time, the whole thing with all the action around it combine to form an attractive theatrical installation. Even if you don’t come to watch, it’s special to see how the viewers react, what the actor does, and how the waiting people are welcomed and interacted with by the actors. That is already a performance on its own.

The Tube can be set up almost anywhere and is independent of electricity. However, there are some conditions that make it work better.

More on that in the Technical Rider below


Download the technical rider here


Gérard Schiphorst performer, concept, design and construction, music and soundtracks, scene development, trailer
Marije van der Sande performer, concept, scene development and reseach, puppet and object construction, set constructionOleg Fateev > music tangoscene
Rob de Vos carpenter
Willen Bedeker electronics
Eijsink BV metal construction
Kusters installatiebedrijf tube

thanks to
This project was made possible by: Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund, City of Deventer, Wesselings van Breemen Foundation, Erven Witteveen Foundation, Deventer Culture Club, Foundation dEVENTer