Memories Of The Future

Memories Of The Future

Fake news for Mars

A new visual performance

Two descendants of the expedition that left for Mars in 2050 to start a colony there return to Earth after 200 years. However, they do not find the blue and green planet idealised on Mars and worshipped as the source of everything. They find the planet desolate and dry. They investigate and do archaeological excavations to try to reconstruct what happened.


Fake news
The home base on Mars is eagerly awaiting the first images.
There is of course little positive to show, but in order not to disappoint viewers at home, they decide to send fake news. With their stock of objects found on earth, they will play cozy and colorful scenes, live in front of the camera. The two lose themselves in childlike play, bizarre images, surprising metamorphoses and poetic atmospheres.
When the connection with Mars is suddenly lost, they go in search of what could have happened to the earth and unexpectedly discover life. Or would that be fake news they make for themselves…?

Live animation theatre
On the stage is a full equipped animation studio in which the players make the video that is sent to Mars. They create the images live and visible for the audience. The spectators see the film and the making of at the same time! They are confronted with the difference between the video images, projected on a large screen, and what actually happens in the studio. It is fake news 2.0

Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande of TAMTAM have been using live video animation in their theater performances for years and travelled the world with it. They are now taking it  a step further by using live mixing on stage and a three camera set-up. They are bringing together the realm of their visual art, theatre, music and video-animation in one amazing show.

Memories Of The Future is a performance without text but with an intriguing soundtrack and an overload of stunning images.

From the press: “The stage design is powerful…It is a pleasure to watch the miniature set: manufactured with great attention to detail they evoke nightmarish associations. Memories will haunt your mind for a long time.” The world of puppetry


target audience:

This performance was created for adults but also suitable for adolescents from 14 years up (under supervision). However, it is not a performance for adolescents only or for schools.

practical information

This performance premiered on January 4, 5 and 6, 2023 in Theatre MIMIK in Deventer and is now available for touring.
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Read the blog on the creation of this show


Download the Technical Rider (PDF)


Creators, builders and performers: Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande  
Music, soundtrack and programming: Gérard Schiphorst
Voice-over intro: Redmond O Hanlon
Directing advice: Lidwien Roothaan >
Advice at developpement: Aus Greidanus Sr., Jeroen van Westen >
Production assistant and assistant scene development: Josje Eijkenboom >
Assistants set building: Willem Bedeker, Rob de Vos, Chi Huang
Intern: Rico Coenen
Photography: Femke Teussink

thanks to
This project has been made possible by: City of Deventer, Province of Overijssel