To Have Or Not To Have

To Have Or Not To Have

Moving story in sand, rust and wood

With the world gradually sliding into a new phase of battles, we decided to do a remake of this object theatre classic.

“With Tam Tam Theater’s To Have or Not to Have at the Little Angel Theatre we’re treated to a uniquely curious, completely captivating production that puts magic in the mundane and leaves us considering some really big questions.” Everything Theatre London

In the beginning there was nothing.
And then there was something.
And then everyone wanted to have it.
To be has become to have.

A rusty fairytale full of beautiful images with undeniable elements of the spaghetti-western, a shot of Shakespeare and a generous dose of subtle humor that shows in a very playfull way the mechanism of greed and jealousy as causes of conflict.

To Have Or Not To Have is The wild west combined with the dark middle-ages.
With themes like: greed, jealousy, recklessness, egotism, stupidity and other very human qualities.
Supported by a hypnotizing soundtrack with influences from Texas to Turkey.
Without text so that everyone can understand it.
The actors in this piece are old rusty metal and weather-beaten wooden objects. Materials that also figure in the visual art of Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande. The beginning of the performance is like a dreamy fairytale with an almost prehistoric world on the long sandtable.
The introduction of an alien object causes the story to degenerate in a ruthless but hilarious medieval arms-race. A duel between an impertinent pair of pliers and a tenacious mole trap, fought with all lawful and illegal means.

To Have Or Not To Have is a cross-over between visual art and theatre that was already performed in
Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Egypt, France, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the Netherlands of course.

target audience:

The performance was originally made for adults, but due to a communication error there were 60 toddlers in the venue at the world premiere in Vienna. That turned out to be possible. We played the whole series for children and at some point a father of one of the kids came up to us and said: “You know, i think this could totally work for adults…” Since then we have been performing this show for both adults and children. The performance will of course be slightly adjusted. Because there is no text, everyone can make their own story in their own head

practical information

To Have Or Not To Have is a performance of 38 minutes that can be performed in every darkened room and that needs no stage-facilities. A simple lighting, sound system and backdrop are provided by the company. The set-up time is about 90 minutes and the performance can be played up to 3 or 4 times a day.


The performance is made for an audience of up to 90 adults ( depending on the seating) but can also be performed for children ( 7+) or mixed audience. It is very suitable for festivals, openings, closings and other special events and even for schools.
We can transform an unsual venue into a theatre with a very special ambiance to create an extra venue for a festival.

There is also a flyable version with very little luggage.
See technical rider  or rider of the flyable version (PDF)

Contact us for details on the different versions.


Idea, design and performers: Gérard Schiphorst en Marije van der Sande  
Music and soundscape: Gérard Schiphorst
Artistic advice: Warner van Wely >
Workshop assistant: Arlette Korff
Set builder: Maarten Heijkamp >


thanks to
Province of Overijssel, City of Deventer