Rusty Nails
& Other Heroes

Rusty Nails & Other Heroes

Visual poetry with found objects

An award winning poetic visual performance that takes you to another world. A world of metamorphosis, where nothing is what it seems, and everything can become something else.
Right before the eyes of the audience worthless finds, picked up from street corners and rescued from the gutter change into actors in a visual performance.

A cleverly devised set using a video camera and a small conveyorbelt makes it possible show amazing metamorphosis and ever changing images.
The performers slide an old piece of cardboard under the camera and on the screen a desert appears.
A rusty saw plays the sea.
Maple seeds become gentle birds and old working gloves an endless swamp.
A mother turns into a landscape.
Sun becomes moon.

Omnipresent is the enchanting music that pulls the viewer into the story.
There is no text. Everyone can make his own story in his own head.
It is theatre that works as a charger for the imagination, so don’t forget to take it with you !

Found objects and animation
The two performers use found objects as actors and sets by manipulating them under a video camera. A new life for insignificant found objects which have been lying around somewhere. Things too useless to even throw away.
The audience sees both the players behind their animation table and the result: surprising images projected on a large screen. It is the performance and the making-of at the same time, with sometimes also the bloopers incorporated.

International succes
This performance was already performed on festivals for visual theatre and visual art in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Czech republic, Taiwan, Austria and Poland, Norway, Macau, Germany, Denmark, France and England.

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target audience:

There are several versions, some only for adults, others for family audiences (parents with children from 6 years old) School shows are possible but only after mutual consultation.

practical information

There are 4 different basic versions of this performance. The duration can be 20 minutes, 35 minutes, 55 minutes or 70 minutes.
The performance is technically autonomous and can be performed in the theater or on location.
Contact us for more information.


Download the technical rider of the standard version here (PDF)
Please contact us for the riders of other versions.


Developped and performed by: Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande 
Music composition and soundtrack: Gérard Schiphorst (tango: Oleg Fateev >)
Third eye: Jeroen van Westen >
Artistic advisors:  Henk Boerwinkel > and Aus Greidanus Sr. >
Technical assistant: Bert Nijmeijer

thanks to
This project was made possible by: City of Deventer, Province of Overijssel