De wereld van het poppenspel about
Rusty Nails

A visual masterpiece 
Company Frieda and Annelies van Hullebusch domed under Froe Froe appealed less by the flimsy story and little empathic characters, but especially by the lack of exactitude in the use of mixed media that were more important than the performance of the minimalist figures.
That could not be said of the Dutch guest company TAMTAM Objektentheater of Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande that brought the extremely enjoyable production “Rusty Nails & Other Heroes” originally created for adults but now performed for family audience.
The (rightfully) internationally recognized duo used in this piece the most sophisticated techniques, extremely well timed and with perfect feeling to bring a compelling story in an original composed world of rusty nails, beachcombers finds and junkyard treasures.
A visual masterpiece of véry high level

De Wereld Van Het Poppenspel

Freek Neijrinck