Development interactive object-art installation Toy museum Deventer

The completely renovated Toy Museum in Deventer (Netherlands) recently opened and TAMTAM got their own department. The focus of the new museum is now mainly on the Playing Human, the Homo Ludens. And, according to director Ewout van der Horst, our work fits in nicely with that.
We developed the interactive object theatre installation Spelen Met Alles (Play With Everything).
Visitors can play themselves with broken things just like we do in our performance Rusty Nails & Other Heroes. Under two cameras, images can be made with found objects and they can be seen live on a large monitor in the large downstairs room.

There is also an exhibition of new object art made specially for the museum, photos from performances and a video with snippets of various productions.
We also performed the opening in September 2021 by playing a short performance ourselves with this installation.
More information and opening hours on the museum’s website.