1 May 2024

New performance: A Paper Life

A visual performance, not with the usual selection of objects, but with only one material.
Wrapping paper, and nothing else.
The set consists of a large roll of simple wrapping paper and a long table.
No scissors, no tape, no glue, no stapler.
Only sturdy brown wrapping paper.
Because the talent of wrapping paper is infinite.
Well, at least until the roll runs out.

Tearing, wrinkling, folding and crumpling creates a paper world populated by paper creatures.
What is usually just the packaging and thrown away, is now playing the leading part.
A worthless wad of paper suddenly apperears to be a wrinkled living being.
And thus the imagination is put to work. Before the eyes of the spectators wrinkles, strips, wads and scraps are turned into actors in poetic scenes. There is no text so every one can make their own story in their own head.
The performers move the paper to a soundtrack of noises and music so that the audience starts to believe in this paper life.
The soundtrack was composed and played by Gérard Schiphorst.
The song “After silence” was composed and performed by Oleg Fateev (accordion) and Simone Sou (percussion)

Below are some rehearsal pictures

The performance will premiere at the Festival Deventer Op Stelten and will be performed 9 times on July 12, 13 and 14, 2024 in the Bergkerk in Deventer.
More information follows. Want to know more now? Send an email.