object art

Time Is On Our Side Object art installation

From June 9 to September 8, 2024, the Bergkerk in Deventer will host the major exhibition The Netherlands in 150 Landscapes.
TAMTAM was invited to create object landscapes and an accompanying theatre performance to be played in the church during Festival Deventer Op Stelten.
This resulted in the installation Time Is On Our Side.
Elements of old sets from TAMTAM shows recycled and incorporated into two object dioramas.
Two viewing boxes as hushed theatrical decors, to dream away at. IJstijd / Ice Age en Eindtijd / End Age.
The accompanying soundtracks below help the viewer do just that.
Listen while watching with earphones or with your phone to your ear to the sound fragments below.


IJstijd / Ice Age

Frozen landscape
cold creeps into the view
thick water
stiff in its bed
waiting slowly
and deep frozen

Listen to the soundtrack
Ice Age / Ice Age

Materials: Zinc, Glass, Perspex



Eindtijd / End Age

eats through the sand
memory of fire
burned time
the river only
a shadow of itself

Listen to the soundtrack
Eindtijd / End Age

Materials: Wood, Cardboard, Sand, Rusty metal.

Concept and execution of both works: Studio TAMTAM, Gérard Schiphorst
Workshop assistant: Jarko Peters
Metal frames: Machinefabriek B.Eysink BV, Deventer