Volkskrant and wereld van het poppenspel about

“The Deventer duo behind TAMTAM, G.S. and M.vd.S, use artful creations made from found objects to tell a poetic parable about the futility of humanity”  “With its poetic attention to shape and sculpture, the object theatre performance fits in wonderfully with the atmosphere of the museum.”  De Volkskrant

“In the respectabele Kröller Müller Museum(…), we see Objectomania next to the rooms where Jan Fabre displays his works. And that is a great appreciation of the museum. And they manage to fulfil this promise: Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande. In a set that on itself is already a work of art, the show the delusion of man who thinks that everything is makeable. ”  De wereld van het poppenspel

Volkskrant and Wereld van het poppenspel