Different Dutch newspapers about

” A performance with a lot to laugh about, but it is very black humour, because none what the main character K. experiences is really funny.(…) you can only just suppress the urge to shout:” K., Do something!” ” Het Parool

“Good example of a fine fusion of form, content, rhythm and commitment (…) amazing how TAMTAM manages to evoke great emotions with small material and massage the imagination.”
Anette Embregts, The Volkskrant

“How quickly can a theater audience become attached to a nameless puppet about twenty centimeters high that does not utter a word? Very quickly, the new performance by Objektentheater TAMTAM proves. (…) Audibly, the theater audience sympathizes with him. The puppet fights for extremely human values, which are becoming increasingly scarce in our world zealously filled with buildings: breathing space and privicay.” Marijn van der Jagt, Vrij Nederland

” After seeing this performance you’ll look at your iron differently De Stentor

” Of grumpy claw hammers and sneakily sneaking saws” Trouw

Different Dutch newspapers