Objectomania Theatre tent

Objectomania Theatre tent

42 person theatre tent

From 2002 to 2012 we toured with the Objectomania Theatretent. Specially built at the request of Theater Festival Boulevard, and premiered there in 2002, opened by fastivaldirector Wim Claasen.
42 viewers fit in, which were packed quite closely together…

The tent was initially built at the same time as the performance Royal Suitcase Theatre which also premiered in the tent. After that, In The Middle Of Nowhere, To Have Or Not To Have and the 30th anniversary performance Miracles (Happen Instantly, The Impossble Takes Some More Time) were performed in this cosy miniature theatre.

The tent was set up on large and small festivals such as Theatrefestival Boulevard 4x, Music festival Lowlands 2x, Theatrefestival Noorderzon Groningen 4x, Theatrefestival Deventer Op Stelten, Deventer Boekenmarkt, Axis festival Assen, Parkfestival Venlo, Theatrefestival  Reuring Purmerend, Puppetfestival Meppel, Chalons dans la rue (F) Namur and Mai (B), Festival Trapezi Reus (Spain) and German festivals in: Wolfsburg, Neuwied, Erlangen, Fürth, Dresden (Schaubudensommer 3x), Braunschweig and Bonn.

Right at the arrival in front of the tent, the audience was drawn into the show by “the American trick” (an act in front of the tent) the demonstration of the telephone destroyer, the buying of a ticket selected by length by an actress who played the role of the grumpy ticketbox lady . And then the conditioning of the audience continued with the whole crazy process of cramming the audience onto the benches until the tent was full. In this way the performance had already started long before the show on stage took of.

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Design and construction: Gérard Schiphorst
Decoration and interior: Marije van der Sande
Construction team: Arlette Korff, Rudy Meijer, Reza Makarem,
Metal construction: Zandhuis & Zwart, Deventer
Ticketboxladies: Arlette Korff, Maite Roest, Margot OldeLoohuis, Barbara Melois, Lisa Schiphorst
Touring crew: Bert Nijmeijer, Petra Albrecht

Thanks to…
Theatre festival Boulevard