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Recensie van het festival Izmir Puppet Days uit 2019

Trash turned into actors in this piece

Artlovers in İzmir had memorable times with the award-winner Dutch puppet company, TAMTAM Objektentheater. The performance Rusty Nails & Other Heros met with Izmir audience at Han Theatre during the 13rd İzmir International Puppet Days, and brought them to a totally different universe. The award-winning couple created unforgettable moments with the live stop-motion technique they used at Rusty Nails & Other Heros. The show left the audience from all ages breathless and they strongly applauded for minutes.

In this performance where rusty nails and other materials found from trash were being projected on the screen, there have been images made from rubbish. Priceless findings fetched from streets turned into actors right in front of the eyes of the audience, in this piece about a world where nothing is as it appears, and everything may become another thing. Dutch artist Gérard Schiphorst stated he is glad of the interest that showed the audience in Izmir, and said “The text is unnecessary because the audience creates his/her the story in head. Theatre is charging device for imagination and this performance is a good example of it.”

Hurriyet Dailynews Izmir, Turkey