26 March 2022

The good thing about COVID: 2 new shows

The Covid period has resulted in two new TAMTAM performances that we would never have made otherwise! Instead of touring abroad, we stayed home and made The Tube in the first lockdown and GARAGE in the second. What happened by chance now turns out to be a nice addition to the repertoire: two versatile productions. For both festivals or events and in the theatre.

The Tube
A tubular theatre with visual one-person performances of 2 minutes. made in the first lockdown in April 2020 as an alternative to online theater. Average performing time: 4 hours per day. Suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor locations.
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GARAGE ( only in Dutch…)
A hilarious mini sitcom with 60s flavor starring an old-fashioned toy garage and nostalgic model cars. Originally created as a kitchen table performance in the second lockdown in March 2021, using the limitation that 1 visitor per day was allowed to visit people’s homes.
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