Only available in Dutch

GARAGE is a hilarious mini-sitcom about the rise and fall of the automobile. With a toy garage and nostalgic model cars as main characters. Made during the Covid lockdown to perform on the kitchen table at people’s homes, in the time that there was only one visitor per day allowed in your home. Now also adapted for the theatre with three video cameras and live on stage video mixing .

“…a grown man with more than forty years of theatre experience who comes to your home to play with little cars while making engine sounds. And you eagerly look at it and keep looking.” Theaterkrant.nl

This performance is only available in Dutch language. Contrary to all our other performances it is crammed with untranslatable dialogues, pun and jokes….

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Garage, The Making Of



Idea, text, decor, music and performer: Gérard Schiphorst
Development and coaching: Marije van der Sande
Style and performing advice: Josje Eijkenboom >
Directing advice: Lidwien Roothaan >
Photography: Viorica Cernica
Photography: Viorica Cernica >

thanks to…
City of Deventer, Myrthe Schurink