Objectomania Animal Museum

Objectomania Animal Museum photos

The starting point for this installation was a kind of object-zoological museum in which endangered object animals were shown in their natural environment.
Most of the animals can be seen below. In addition to the animals in the forest decor, a black and white video was also shown in which the objects were shown with their location, character traits and further description.
In the room a jungle soundscape composed of the sounds of the objects could be heard.

The object animals and their natural habitat
Objectomania Animal Museum: the making-of.

When we were asked by the Kunstenlab to create an installation, we immediately had the idea of ​​doing something with object animals. It tied in with some of the other projects we had already working on at that time. We also had already built some animals for different performances, which had ended up not being used.

Soon the plan arose to build a forest with animals. For in the garden of the house we then lived in were two very old lime trees, trees that you should actually prune every year. That hadn’t happened for a while, so the branches that came off that spring were very thick and large, almost trees.

We liked them so much that we didn’t cut them into firewood but put them in a pile. Now they came in handy and were the inspiration for the idea for a forest. We would never have thought of this without that pile of branches in the garden.

The people at the Kunstenlab were not even shocked when we told them that we wanted to fill half the room with sand and cooperated to make everything possible. We found a sponsor for the sand, the Dusseldorp company that recycles waste. Very appropriate since that is what we actually do, only in a slightly different way…

We started in our studio by figuring out materials to make the object animals and trying out ways to keep the trees upright. Then we went to work in the Kunstenlab.