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Rusty Nails


The Poetic Imagery of TAMTAM Objektenheater

It was almost impossible to get involved in the visual poetic worlds of TAMTAM Objektentheater afterwards. (the show before us had been quite rough and rude TT.)
Marije van der Sande and Gérard Schiphorst have been among the most important initiators of innovative object theater for almost forty years.
They are inspired by the magic of old, seemingly useless things. On rough, ambiguous surfaces, things like rusty nails, old paintbrushes, torn gardening gloves, doll arms, scissors, buttons or bent pieces of metal are used.
In a few simple steps they are assembled to animals, people, houses or landscapes and projected in real time.

And in doing so – though with subtle humor – arise polarizing stories of eating and being eaten, of own and unknown, ultimately of love and death.
And some of them, despite their fleeting nature, burn in as lasting images and emotions.
Like the little scene in which four pieces of rusty metal and eight bent nails become two lovers and then a married couple. A few moments later, with only a few shifts, it turns into a proud castle.

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