Märkische Algemeine Zeitung, Potsdam, Germany about
Rusty Nails


About lustful tormenting and the poetry of rusty nails

25th Unidram is looking for new theatrical forms in Potsdam

In addition to the elaborate performances in the large auditoriums, the small, intimate productions always make up the appeal of Unidram. For instance the short piece “Rusty Nails and Other Heroes”, showing also a parable on decay.
In its live-animation-performance the Dutch TAMTAM duo tells of the life of all those things, which long ago have been blessed by time and are discarded as junk. But under the skillful hands of the actors they gain a new fascinating life of their own. Found objects, wreckage, old tools, everything is mixed into dream landscapes in which strange beings mutate. A piece of a broken broom is a coral reef, there is a love affair between two old paintbrushes, a rusty padlock is first par of a car, then with two buttons and other finds transforms into a fine lady.
In the end, it takes no more than a tealight to create a poetic evening mood.
A small, great evening full of poetry, as is typical of Unidram.

Märkische Algemeine Zeitung. Potsdam, Germany