Festival Close To You Taipei, Taiwan about
Rusty Nails

In 2017 we played with Rustige Spijkers & Andere Helden at the Close To You festival in Taipei. We were there for a week  part of a theater route.

Translation of the text in the image below:

“After that, we finally walk to the room where the performance is.

The performance “Rusty nails and other heroes” by Objektentheater TAMTAM comes from the Netherlands. When spectators enter a darkened room, it is as if they are entering a restaurant kitchen. Projection equipment present, items that are ready to be placed on a stage, a white wall on which a beamer shines. This means that everyone will soon be able to see live how the entire “culinary” process works. Most importantly, the foodstuffs have not yet been processed so they can fantasize about where they come from.

There are rusted stuff from a factory or old stuff thrown away by family, metal parts and many other indefinable stuff. There is a rotating table that is set in motion by hand. What appears on the wall behind them is the animation. 2 “cooks” carefully put the stuff down, they put everything together and exchange the rusty metal parts. Reality is projected through the projector. Beautiful images are shown via the beamer. Zooming in on the camera makes it look like making a movie. There is always a new image. Nothing is said during the performance. The images are not clearly coherent and that is why spectators can fantasize themselves, everyone can make up their own story.

Today people pay attention to food, health, environment and justice, consumer autonomy and other topics. In the past, decades ago, the kitchens of the snack bar and a restaurant were hidden. That is now gradually changing. More and more people are interested in the origin of food and the process of food preparation and the sustainability of food. In “Rusty nails and other heroes” this is demonstrated extensively by the players during the performance. ”
Translation Hindi Tuinstra


Festival Close To You Taipei, Taiwan