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Royal Suitcase Theatre

Good old-fashioned and smooth collection of curiosities by TamTam at the Boulevard

And then there was the devil to pay again

To slip between the sheets with Barbie and Big Jim or to give the girl next door a fit with a rubber Frankenstein hand. Adolescent dreams become reality at the Royal Suitcase Theatre. Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande of TAMTAM Objektentheater present 35 minutes of top entertainment.

In their own little theatre at the edge of the Boulevard sinful things happen that can’t tolerate daylight. Using American selling methods the TAMTAM couple lure the unsuspecting passers-by inside. It sounds like a warning: “We don’t pull any punches, or do we?” All codes for viewing are flashing in bright red over the box office. But once inside the spectator is at the mercy of a splendid pandemonium of adolescent jokes, alarming sound-collages and revolting visual inventions.

The things done to the lifeless objects by the couple is a sheer delight for eyes and ears. It’s yet undecided whether the title “Royal” will survive until the end of the ride. The guests are led into the little suitcase theatre by the TAMTAM couple. The start is rather poetical. Two roaring pincers sing the fishermen’s duet from Bizet’s opera The Pearl Divers, but as soon as Elvis “The King” is appearing on stage the devil has to be payed again. A lady in the audience is seduced by the Elvis puppet who is wiggling his hips intensely and hostess Marije is not at all amused by this.

But things are getting worse. A quite common trip with a caravan degenerates into rancid road movie, not to mention the devastating excesses of The Son of The Consumator. TAMTAM deprives their objects of their souls with childlike sadism. Even the respectable Batman can’t cope with all this violence. One of the highlights is an ingenious SM act with an apple and the person who is able to turn a toilet brush into the devine guitaristJimi Hendrix deserves a place of honour at the Boulevard. The Royal Suitcase Theatre is a good old-fashioned smooth Boulevard act. One warning in advance: softhearted shepherds should stay at home for once.

Brabants dagblad

Mark van der Voort