TAMTAM & Trio Vernice

TAMTAM meets Trio Vernice

Visuele poëzie en schilderachtige muziek

In 2014 and 2015 TAMTAM played this program together with the Trio Vernice.
It was a research project into the possibilities of interaction between live music and image that yielded a lot of material for other performances such as Rusty Nails & Other Heroes.

It is a winning combination : TAMTAM makes very special and original visual theatre with found objects and Trio Vernice makes beautiful music, from classical to contemporary improvisation.

The result of the collaboration is a unique crossover between theatre, visual arts, video and music that carries the viewer / listener in his own imagination with visual poetry and poetic music.

The makers of TAMTAM always had a fascination for old and weathered materials and found objects .
These are now coming to life through a special video table that they developed for showing moving close- ups projected on a large screen. That gives them the opportunity of interacting live with the music of Trio Vernice.
A live performed poetic visual film!

For 35 years Gérard Schiphorst has been composing music and soundtracks for the shows. So when Marieke Kroes of Trio Vernice asked TAMTAM if they wanted to collaborate in a performance we were a bit reluctant. The standard answer in these cases was: send us some of your music, bearing in mind that we would formulate a nice rejection afterwards.
But when we heard the music we were immediately convinced that this was going to result in a very nice program!…

The performance contains both ​​visual storytelling, specifically made to the pieces of the trio as well as exciting improvisations where players and musicians directly interact. There was much to see and hear as everything was happening live on stage !




Marieke Kroes: Classical accordeon
Heide Bertram: Voice
Cecilia Rubio: Cello

Gérard Schiphorst
Marije van der Sande

Third Eye
Esther Apituley

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