Royal Suitcase Theatre

Royal Suitcase Theatre

Visual comedy Monty Python style

Absurd visual theatre in and around a small puppet booth that folded out of a suitcase at the beginning of the show.
Comedy with a big nod to Monty Python’s animations and absurd transitions.
Originally made for TAMTAM’s Objectomania theater tent, but later on also extended to a 70 minute theatre version.
It premiered in July 2002 at the Festival d’été in Quebec, Canada. The Dutch premiere was at Theater Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch in August 2002.

This was undoubtedly the weirdest and silliest show TAMTAM have ever made. Absurd, surprising humorous and black but still subtle and imaginative.
Comedy without text. Thirty-five minutes of hilarious action with plastic toys and discarded utensils! Topspeed object theater featuring 88 object actors! Unexpected twists and turns, an astonishing soundtrack, and a cascade of images and jokes left the audience roll with laughter.

The show was presented by two employees of the Royal Entertainment Service of the Royal Republic of Absurdistan. The leading part was for object-actors and toys with unexpected talents like opera singing pipe-wrenches, a male doll impersonating Elvis, two vacuum-cleaner-brushes playing a Jimi Hendrix song on guitar and absurd versions of movie-classics like Lovestory, Batman, Jaws, Grease and James Bond .


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Created, built and composed by: Gérard Schiphorst
Performed by: Gérard Schiphorst en Marije van der Sande.
Production-assistents: Arlette Korff, Reza Makarem, Ineke Bakker, Susan Hoytink, Agnes van Noort, Albert Dedden en Otto te Wierik.

Actors (in order of appearance):  The Pinguins, The Technicians, Zwetlana Parfrenova, The English Keys, Cindy Shampoo, The Ideal Son in Law, Powerranger, The Spirit, The Hunchback, Black & Dekker, The King, The Canon, The Cop, The Mop, Elvis, Sheep and Lamb, The Pumpkin, Trabant & Caravan, The Alps, The City, Photoman & Wife, The Consumator, The Rabbit, The Fly, The Phone, The Apple, The SM-boys, The Torturemachine, The Gloves, The Toilet, The Temple, The Paintbrushes, The Needle, White-eyes, The Knights in shining armour, The Waves, Columbus, The Titanic, The Almost Drowened Man, Thunderbirds 8, Theo, Arabian Lady, The Dancing Glove, Goofy, The Cheerleader, The Eagle, Mickey, The President, The Sea, The Pinfishes, The Cutterfish, The Legs, The Shark,  James Drill, Dancing Girl, Blue Bear & Cage, Green Man, Batman, The Jimi’s & guitar, The Credits, The Mouthpiano and players, The Brushes, Duo Socket & Plug

Thanks to…
Province of Overijssel, Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Festival Boulevard, Municipality of Deventer, Theater Technisch Lab, Kringloopwinkel Het Goed, Leprawinkel, All Fleamarkets and Streetcorners.